Recipes - Suggestions for your Flammkuchen-variations

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Wir zeigen Ihnen hier, wie wir Flammkuchen backen:

Flammkuchen Classic

  • "Alsace" bacon & onions
  • "Ranger" bacon, onions & mushrooms
  • "Gratinée" bacon, onions & cheese

Flammkuchen Exclusive

  • "Seeland" crabs & leek
  • "Salmon" smoked salmon, leek & horseradish
  • "Strasbourg" bacon, onions, Munster cheese & caraway

Flammkuchen Vegetarian

  • "Greek" sheep cheese, bell pepper & chilies
  • "Mediterranean" olives, cherry tomatoes & bell pepper
  • "Italian" tomatoes, Pesto & Mozzarella

Flammkuchen Sweet

  • "Apple dream" apple & cinnamon-sugar (with Calvados flamed)
  • "Sweet temptation" cherries & chocolate sprinkles
  • "Pear choc" pear & chocolate sprinkles
  • "Sweet paradies" with cream fraîch, raspberries, vanilla ice cream
  • "Chef" with blueberries-cream fraîch, berries mixture, chocolate crumbles

Flammkuchen International

  • "Italian" with air-dried ham, sun-dried tomato, rocket salad and Grana cheese
  • "Spanish" with chorizo, grilled capsicum, red onions, herbs and Manchego
  • "American" with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, pickled red onions and cheddar
  • "Chicken" with chicken, smoked bacon, sun-dried tomato and capsicum
  • "Ocean" with crayfish, chili, chili drops, herbs and Emmental

Flammkuchen Maritime

  • "Tuna" with cream fraîch, tuna, onions, cherry tomatoes, herbs and cheese
  • "Octopus" with cream fraîch, octopus, spring onions, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and cheese
  • "Shrimp" with cream fraîch, shrimps marinated in garlic, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and cheese
  • "Salmon" with horseradish-dill cream, salmon, spring onions
  • "Salmon & Shrimps" with cream fraîch, smoked salmon, shrimps marinated in garlic, fresh leaf spinach

Flammkuchen Vegan

  • "Vegan classic" with vegan cream fraîch, smoked tofu, spring onions, vegan cheese, parsley
  • "Flammkuchen guacamole" with guacamole cream, aubergine-zucchini-strips, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad
  • "Flammkuchen arabica" with aubergine cream, smoked tofu, cherry tomatoes, herbes de Provence